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Didier et les Ombres


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Didier Didier et les Ombres is a rock band. No blues, hard, funk, rockabilly, pop or reggae. No, just rock. Punk? Sometimes.

Didier et les Ombres is a trio. One guitar, one bass and drums. From this bare simplicity, this apparent fragility grows emotion, the vibration of an authentic moment.

Didier et les Ombres is a live band. To Didier's energy and theatricality, les Ombres add their imperturbable preciseness, their unmovable faith.

Words in French and catchy melodies mark out the original songs of Didier et les Ombres.


Being a pianist since the age of four, Didier becomes a guitarist at sixteen in three months, for his first stage appearance (it was not possible to move the piano!).

Didier starts the Garage Band, a die-hard punk trio, being the guitarist and singer. Mainly a stage band, the Garage Band roams the region of Lyon, France, playing in some Lyon's historical venues: opening for Shakin' Street at the Rock 'N' Roll Mops, opening for Undertones at the Palais d'Hiver.

After the end of the Garage Band, Didier takes on mercenary, but nevertheless enriching, tasks, while working on a typically gothic work: creating virtual musicians.

Experience achieved - successfully - with the creation of les Ombres.

Guitarist, pianist, singer, bass player, writer and composer, Didier is the do-it-all of les Ombres, and its visible part. On stage, his scene-stealer ability masks the other members of the band, which was already the case for the Garage Band.

Les Ombres

Born from experiences on creating clones in silicon, les Ombres hold their roles with tenacity, playing with much more soul than backing bands of the sixties, which were forced to play behind a curtain.

Playing mainly bass and drums, les Ombres have a try sometimes - with pleasing results - at more elaborated arrangements.



Souls of:


Souls of:
Didier Briel
Site: didier.elo.free.fr


"The essential thing is inspiration. On this respect, Didier writes fine words, and is in quite a "dark romantic" line... deserves your attention."

ST Magazine

"Definitely rock..."


"Something very pleasant and surprising happens when you listen to Didier et les Ombres. You are carried away by soothing and well thought out melodies. Each instrument performs an intricate dance of melody and harmony, capturing the very magic of the music and bringing it to life for the listener.
When I first cued Didier et les Ombres up I was immediately reminded of the Talking Heads. However, as the tune progressed I was in absolute astonishment at the creativity and technical ability behind the writing of the music. Some artists specialize in only one or two areas of melody. Didier proves that he has a very strong command of composition and structure. Taking a melody and weaving very intricate harmonies using several instruments.
When you listen to Didier et les Ombres, you are listening to pure musical magic."

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