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Didier et les Ombres

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Didier Briel, "rockly" yours
"From punk-rock... to his conceptual band, Didier et les Ombres, this writer, composer, interpret... roams the Web since a little more than a year, even achieving some following in North America...
On stage, Didier, backed by his shadows, plays... Alone.
A tribute to those musicians of the sixties, obliged to stay hidden behind a curtain, while the star singer performed under the spotlights."

Céline Bally, LE PROGRÈS

"The essential thing is inspiration. On this respect, Didier writes fine words, and is in quite a "dark romantic" line... deserves your attention."

ST Magazine

"Definitely rock..."


"La Révolte is a strange and enchanting mix of celtic, folk, punk and art-pop. Individual and evocative, it creates a haunting atmosphere all of its own."

Steve Ison

"Somehow, he manages to evoke the passion that all musicians spend a lifetime trying to achieve ... Only a true poet can conjure the feelings Didier has captured without even trying ... The pure punk and street savvy, combined with an honest lyrical outlook, have not been taken this serious since The Clash."

Ricky Moore, Circle Of Friends

"Something very pleasant and surprising happens when you listen to Didier et les Ombres. You are carried away by soothing and well thought out melodies. Each instrument performs an intricate dance of melody and harmony, capturing the very magic of the music and bringing it to life for the listener.
When I first cued Didier et les Ombres up I was immediately reminded of the Talking Heads. However, as the tune progressed I was in absolute astonishment at the creativity and technical ability behind the writing of the music. Some artists specialize in only one or two areas of melody. Didier proves that he has a very strong command of composition and structure. Taking a melody and weaving very intricate harmonies using several instruments.
When you listen to Didier et les Ombres, you are listening to pure musical magic."

Headbangers Bar reviews Featured Artist

Speaker Listen to Lucky Fokker's comment on Mutants (MP3, 108 KB)

"A great tune here. Thank you so much for that SongPlanet world premiere exclusive ... Mutants. I like that tune, Man. It's got some kick, it's got some teeth."

Lucky Fokker, SongPlanet

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